Slide Hosted dashboard solution for ML/TF Risks and Controls. The CAMLO can manage risks and controls through a “stability index” and have an instant look at what is causing instability. The best way to manage ML/TF risks! Overview AML Prism™ is a ready to use solution that enhances ML/TF risk management by simply answering the question: Is my risk stable? Visual stability indices coupled with analysis graphs and drill down capacity makes it a best in class solution. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits A user friendly interface that shows global stability index and pointers to instability components. All graphs can be organized, filtered and drilled down, giving you the flexibility you need. Request a demo We are proud of our product and we want to show it to you. There is no obligation on your part. Don’t hesitate and let us guide you through its functionality. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Fill the form keyboard_arrow_right

The AML Prism™ quickly answers questions on risk stability.

Based on statistical calculation and multiple influencing factors, stability indices are shown visually for a better appreciation of risks. A simple mouse over shows the reason for instability and a detailed analysis can pinpoint where actions may be required. A simple and easy, yet very complete way of managing risks.

Benefits of AML Prism™

Assessing and managing risks is a very important part of the CAMLO's role and responsibilities. The AML Prism addresses this challenge by bringing efficiency, clarity, security and integrity to the process.



No more gathering of multiple graphs and reports from different sources. All the information is hosted in one easy to use solution.



Visual stability indices, multiple views and filters, capacity to easily decompose a set of data and a user friendly interface bring clarity to information, enhancing the overall experience.



The solution is hosted on Microsoft AZURE where predetermined file formats and data validation ensures quick and reliable updates of information.



Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.


Information Security

Highly secured platform applying the ISO 27000 standard family on Information Security


Audits and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation, regular verifications of data integrity and integrality, and periodic compliance and security reviews

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