Slide Whether it is for risk assessment, CDD or transaction monitoring, the underlaying data to your overall AML/CTF program is paramount.
Using technology and data intelligence enhances the client experience and overall compliance.
Accelerate your AML/CTF process by
getting the most value out of your data.
Overview Resolution combines strong data expertise with keen knowledge of the Law and it’s requirement as well as industry practices. We bring you this wide expertise to address the many challenges of AML/CTF programs. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits We provide deep data analysis that helps in decision making and deliver solutions with all the necessary documentation to support it and keep the audit trail. Accelerators We combine a unique expertise in AML/CTF and data analytics that redefines efficiency for your operations and reporting requirements. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Contact us keyboard_arrow_right

Data science at your service

AML/CTF programs rely on 3 important technologies for risk management: transactions monitoring, continuous screening of customer names, dynamic customer risk rating. These functions must be continuously tuned for efficiency and effectiveness. Applying data science for all aspects of these key functions is paramount in achieving results.

We know your business!

By choosing Resolution to enhance your data analytics you access an interdisciplinary team of experts in the finance, law, technology, data and management sectors. We understand the challenges you face and we thrive in offering you simple and adaptive solutions that truly fit your needs.


Addressing Industry Challenges

In a rapidly evolving industry, data intelligence is key to a better risk assessment and opportunity taking.



When risks are well defined and addressed accordingly, AML/CTF program reach the level of effectiveness expected by regulators.


Quality of Data

A rigorous practice of data enhancement will increase the value in all aspects of the business.


Data and System expertise

Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.



Optimizing AML/CTF operations can lower the number of false-positive alerts by up to 50%. It worth a look!


Audits and Documentation

We ensure that projects we achieve comply with expectations from auditors, both internal and external as well as regulators and provide auditable documentation.

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