Slide Regular testing and model validation of your sanction and name filtering solution has never been easier. Get results and truly align your filtering engine to your risk appetite while keeping an audit trail and evidence of your work. Validate and test your Sanction Screening solution!
Overview Filter Prism™ introduces a one of a kind validation for sanctions and name screening by providing a ready to use test bed comprised of the most recent sanctioned names and countries and by providing results in a auditable report format. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits Compare test results with previous runs and various level of name alteration to tune your filter engine to your risk appetite. Analyse the detailed “failed” records and benchmark your performance against peers. Request a demo We are proud of our product and we want to show it to you. There is no obligation on your part. Don’t hesitate and let us guide you through its functionality. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Fill the form keyboard_arrow_right

The Filter Prism™ makes testing easy!

Filter Prism sanction and name screening testing methodology brings the mandatory robustness and independence required in model validation. It reveals how your filter actually behaves, thus solutioning the algorithm blackbox challenge. Supported by statistical engineering, it automatically points to abnormal or unsuitable behaviors. It also enables alignment with your risk appetite through the test bed alteration function that provides results from light to heavy name variations.

Case Scenario

Benefits of Filter Prism™

Our expertise in sanction and name scanning has been modeled to offer a solution that is convenient, easy to use, and that provides highly professional and auditable results.



Sanction and name scanning solutions must be tested and validated regularly and the expertise to do so is rare. Filter Prism brings this expertise to you with an easy flowing process.



The results produced by the Filter Prism are highly professional and readily available in an auditable format.


Easy to Use

Through simple file exchange and dashboarding functions, the filter solution can be tested and the results easily demonstrated. There is no IT knowledge required to perform the tests.



Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.


Information Security

Highly secured platform applying the ISO 27000 standard family on Information Security


Audits and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation, regular verifications of data integrity and integrality, and periodic compliance and security reviews

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