Slide Resolution has helped clients over the years to find solutions for collection, storing and reporting of mandatory financial information for Global Information Reporting such as FATCA and CRS. Get accurate and complete information!
Overview Collection of information is a challenge for many financial institutions since the requested mandatory information is sensitive. We address these challenges with a focus on data standardization, process optimization and systems capacity. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits With Resolution, you get an independent clear view and understanding of your reporting issues and obtain results and solutions that fit your needs. Accelerators Resolution combines knowledge of the laws and its requirements with specialized skills in data management and process optimization which accelerates any enhancement projects. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Contact us keyboard_arrow_right

The right information at the right moment!

The Canadian tax law requests that financial information with respect to clients be reported to tax authorities to fight tax evasion. We believe that solutions designs must be tailored to your needs and be ready to easily adapt to updates and enhanced features following internal system or regulation changes.

We know your business!

By choosing Resolution to improve your Global Information Reporting process, you access an interdisciplinary team of experts in the finance, law, technology and management sectors. We understand the challenges you face and we thrive in offering you simple and adaptative solutions that truly fit your needs.


Process and procedures

Resolution develops, reviews, updates and optimizes procedures and processes related to FATCA-CRS reporting programs.


Business Expertise

We have strong field experience that accelerates and enhancement project you are thinking of.


Documentation review

Resolution conducts documentation and record keeping quality checks, taking into account official QI review criteria.


Data and System expertise

Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.


Efficiency and quality enhancement

Our experience shows that our job aids are greatly appreciated by staff who perform tasks related to Information Reporting.


Audits and Documentation

We ensure that Information Reporting Programs comply with expectations from auditors, both internal and external as well as regulators.

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