Slide Payment Prism™, presents a general, comprehensible, structured and immediately consumable view of all international and national payments through many informational dimensions. The intelligent way to manage payments!
Overview Payment Prism™, with its user-friendly interface, is essential to share a single set of data with multiple business functions. Different sectors of operations, sales, treasury, correspondent banks, compliance with anti-money laundering and other functions can all operate their own global view while sharing the same tool and a unique set of data. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits Payment Prism TM cleans raw data and turns it into easy to read dashboards and indicators that will help you identify actionable tasks. Request a demo We are proud of our product and we want to show it to you. There is no obligation on your part. Don’t hesitate and let us guide you through its functionality. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Fill the form keyboard_arrow_right

The Payment Prism™ accelerate facts based tactical and strategic decision making

Combining data intelligence to business intelligence, Payment Prism™ allows the identification, organization and analysis of your data to create more value for your organization. In a rapidly changing industry (modernization, application of the ISO 20022 standard, new players from Fintechs and GAFAs) having access to critical and strategic information in real time s essential to take decisions. In less than 5 minutes Payment Prism™ quickly identifies actions to be taken.

Case Scenario

Benefits of Payments Prism™

We share with you our knowledge of the payment industry and its multiple format, network, quality and compliance issues to transform your data in rich information intakes.


Addressing Industry Challenges

In a rapidly evolving industry, data intelligence is key to a better risk assessment and opportunity taking.



Break up the silos to optimize pricing, cost of commercialization for operations.


Quality of Data

A rigorous practice of data enhancement will increase the value in all aspects of the business.



Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.


Information Security

Highly secured platform applying the ISO 27000 standard family on Information Security


Audits and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation, regular verifications of data integrity and integrality, and periodic compliance and security reviews

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