Slide The Risk Co-Management solution let’s you focus on higher risk areas while Resolution’s team manages systems and first level of alerts adjudication. Focus your efforts where it generates
more value!
Overview You manage your risks, we take care of the rest. Outsourcing name screening system and the 1st level of alerts adjudication is a great solution to alleviate the operational burden of dealing with false positive alerts. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits By using a managed service like Risk Co-Management, your overall cost of compliance can be reduced, and operational departments are freed up to focus their efforts on other important activities. Accelerators We have expertise and practical, concrete and current experiences on sanction screening from data and systems to process and audits. This allows for faster delivery of all all components of a project, while ensuring alignment with Canadian practices. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right Contact us keyboard_arrow_right

Break the name scanning challenge of false positive alerts

The Risk Co-Management is an innovative Managed Services Solution answering the recurrent operation problems observed in customer names scanning, where best in class data, software, processes and people are brought together to address the name scanning challenge in a way that leaves risk management in the hands of the financial institutions.

By allowing Resolution to host, manage, calibrate, screen and adjudicate alerts, the Compliance department can now concentrate the effort on their core business: being efficient second line of defence to protect the organization through a coherent risk management.

We know your business!

By choosing Resolution to manage your 1st level of alerts and scanning system, you access an interdisciplinary team of experts in the finance, law, technology and management sectors. We understand the challenges you face and we thrive in offering you simple and adaptative solutions that truly fit your needs.


Process and procedures

We align our process and procedures to your risk appetite and report regularly on results and issues.



We reduce the costs of sanction screening process by hosting the screening system and adjudicating alerts at the 1st level.


Quality of Data

A rigorous practice of data enhancement will increase the value in all aspects of the business.


Data and System expertise

Deep knowledge of the business sector and significant proficiency in intelligent data analysis.


Information Security

Highly secured platform applying the ISO 27000 standard family on Information Security.


Audits and Documentation

We ensure that Information Reporting Programs comply with expectations from auditors, both internal and external as well as regulators.

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